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Using a first-principles approach, we aim to solve one of the world’s biggest problems. 

The Bug Factory-BSF

Thomas Constant established The Bug Factory in 2019 when he developed a cost-effective method of breeding and rearing mealworms. The Bug Factory has a presence in Europe, North America and Australia.

The Bug Factory is now expanding into BSF production, using their insect knowledge, experience and logistical know-how to create genuinely cost-effective and sustainable insect protein that can be scalable by UK industry.

The Bug Factory's first BSF protein production facility and lab is located in the Midlands, UK. 

Thomas Constant .jpg
Black Soldier Fly Larvae thriving in a sustainable farming environment - demonstrating eco-friendly waste managemen


Affordably and sustainably feed the world

We currently have vast amounts of waste food, surplus and food production by-products going to landfills every day, whilst importing feedstuffs grown in ecologically damaging systems. We believe that with our technology, production systems and the incredible properties of the Black Soldier Fly, we have the power to change this and create a circular food economy using what we already have around us.


Environmentally lowering our carbon footprint, reducing deforestation and saving usable feedstocks from landfills. Economically empowering farmers and pet owners, reducing the need for imports, whilst stabilising input prices.


Feeding nutritionally superior food to animals and our pets.

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