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Black Soldier Fly Market Applications

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a tiny insect that has been quietly making a big impact in various industries worldwide. Its remarkable ability to transform organic waste into valuable biomass has garnered significant attention and interest.


In recent years, BSFL has emerged as a key player in the fields of waste management, sustainable agriculture, and animal nutrition, offering innovative solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges. As the world grapples with issues like food security, environmental sustainability, and resource scarcity, the potential market applications of Black Soldier Fly are expanding rapidly.



BSFL protein can be added to Industrial fish feed diets as a replacement to fishmeal. Removal of fishmeal from these diets can help curtail current overfishing practices.

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Poultry Feed

BSFL protein can effectively replace and supplement soy use in poultry rations. UK soy is typically imported from South America, and it is a  resource-heavy protein that is a leading cause of Amazonian deforestation. 

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Pet Feed

BSFL can replace different meat-based proteins in dog and cat food. Proteins such as beef have a high carbon footprint of production.

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